Beatrice De Lavalette was only 17 when the bombs exploded at Brussels National Airport. She was due to join her family in Florida for the holidays. That day, his injuries were so severe that both of his legs had to be amputated below the knees. But his dreams and passions have remained alive and well. Today, she trains for the Tokyo Paralympic Olympics with her horse Clarc. Dating in Florida, United States.

The last time we met Beatrice was in 2018. She was on the other side of the United States, in California. She was receiving treatment at a Pentagon war-wounded rehabilitation center in San Diego .

Since then, she has crossed the United States again to be closer to the places of equestrian competition. It is in Wellington, Florida, that we find her. The 22-year-old is focused minutes away from embarking on her latest performance at the Global Dressage Festival. Right now, all competitions are important. You have to earn points to win the famous ticket for the Paralympic Olympics in Tokyo.

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Joris, M. Saccomanno, M. (2021, March 21). Five years after the attacks of March 22, Beatrice De Lavalette is preparing for the Tokyo Olympics.