It was five years ago , on the morning of March 22, 2016, Béatrice de Lavalette was 17 years old, she was preparing to take the plane at Brussels airport to find her family in the United States. But that day, terrorists from the Islamic State organization set off three bombs, one of which exploded a few meters from her, blast that plunged her into a deep coma and killed both of her legs. 

“It’s a scene that I think about every day, ” she told Belgian television, who questioned her on the occasion of the day to commemorate the attacks, ” every time I look at my wounds, they inevitably bring me back to what happened that morning, but that doesn’t stop me from living, I persevere, I move forward, I fight to live. “

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Lagardere, M. (2021, March 23). Five years after the Brussels attacks, Béatrice de Lavalette is preparing for the Tokyo Paralympic Games. franceinfo, Radio France.