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Delegada X is a P.R.E. (Pure Race Espagnole) mare from 2002 (Airoso XXVI, out of Lusitana). She won the gold medal for 7+ year old mares and was Championne de Concours des Chevaux Pure Race Espagnole in 2011. She was trained in Spanish School and traditional dressage. She has produced three filles.

“DeeDee”, as she is known to her friends and stable mates, has been with Bea since January 2014. Bea and DeeDee had been training together for two years when Bea was injured in 2016.

Delegada has played an exceptional role in Bea’s recovery. With the help of many friends and staff, Bea was able to get back on DeeDee five months after the accident. They competed for the first time together at France’s Haras de Jardy near Paris in April 2017.

Delegada moved to Arroyo Del Mar near San Diego in December 2019 while Bea was in physical rehab and Bea and DeeDee trained with Shayna Simon. The couple rode their first FEI CPEDI*** together in Wellington, Florida in January 2019.

In January 2020, DeeDee introduced another young para-rider to the world of FEI paradressage when she was loaned to Mia Rodier-D’awallo., Grade 2.

DeeDee is presently working with Marie Vanderhyden, a Grade 1 rider, in Florida.

Slide Horses For Sale Success Stories
Duna is a KWPN mare from 2008 (Vivaldi, out of Nicola) who was competing at the PSG level before Shayna found her. She was purchased from Judy de Winter in Holland in July 2019.

Duna and Bea competed in their first show one week after Duna arrived from quarantine in California and a month later they the claimed the Grade 2 USA National Championship during the September 2019 FEI CPEDI*** at TIEC in Tryon, NC.

Duna is a magnificent mare and rarely tires, even in the extreme heat of North Carolina or South Florida. She has a lovely personality and quickly adapted to Bea’s lack of leg. They were part of the winning Team USA during the FEI CPEDI*** in Wellington, FL in January 2020; earning Bea and Duna a spot amongst the top six Elite USA para-equestrians in preparation for Tokyo.

Duna now resides in the same stable as DeeDee at Equidae Dressage Stables in Loxahatchee, FL where she trains with Beatrice under Shayna Simon’s care.

Slide Horses For Sale Success Stories
Sky High 15 is a Hanoverian gelding from 2014 (Scuderia, out of La Corunia). Sky and Bea have competed together in FEI CPEDI* in and Wellington, FL in 2020.

Sky is still growing and learning; Shayna Simon is training him for able-bodied competition as well as paradressage. They showed FEI First Level in summer 2020 in Wellington. He has enormous potential and is being prepared for the Paris 2024 games. He has all the makings of a grand champion.

Sky High 15 now resides in the same stable as DeeDee at Equidae Dressage Stables in Loxahatchee, FL.
Sky High 15