United States Para-Dressage athlete and 2021 Paralympic hopeful Beatrice de Lavalette knows the importance of keeping her horses at their fittest. That is why she relies on the BEMER Horse-Set to assist with maintaining her horses’ peak performance, as well as the BEMER Pro-Set for her own well-being.

Utilizing pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) technology, the BEMER Horse-Set delivers the patented BEMER Signal into the horse’s body, which enhances healing, recovery and injury prevention. The BEMER Pro-Set utilizes the same BEMER signal in products specially designed to optimize muscular health and performance by increasing circulation.

“Since receiving the BEMER Horse-Set, my horses have been having a session every morning before work,” shared the young athlete. “The difference has been really amazing. They are more supple, more relaxed, but more importantly, more ready to work in a shorter period of time. They clearly enjoy their BEMER moment every day!”

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